The Top 6 Benefits of Email Sponsorship

The Top 6 Benefits of Email Sponsorship
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Email sponsorship is a type of digital marketing that utilizes popular email newsletters to deliver paid ads to your target audience. From SaaS giants like Salesforce to consumer brands like Warby Parker, businesses in a variety of industries use email sponsorships to reach newsletter readers.

Since email sponsorships fit seamlessly into surrounding newsletter content, these ads are more useful and less invasive than typical targeted messaging.

The unique advantages of email newsletters, including direct reach and personal messaging, have made them a top choice for marketers and advertisers around the globe.

Benefits of advertising with email sponsorship

Unlike email marketing, email sponsorship helps you reach engaged audiences without the overhead of building a subscriber list or creating templates.

Newsletter sponsorships also allow advertisers to forgo some of the hassles of other marketing channels, from SEO to invasive data tracking. Additionally, since they’re delivered straight to the inboxes of interested, opted-in subscribers, sponsorships can have great ROI and conversion rates.

Compared to other advertising channels like PPC or social media ads, newsletter sponsorships tend to be underutilized. However, every business can benefit from adding email sponsorships to their marketing strategy for a few main reasons.

1. Engaged audiences

Because newsletter audiences often consist of specific, interest-based communities, you can easily find a publication that aligns with your target audience’s demographic.

For instance, if you’re advertising a SaaS product to help development teams manage their projects, you’ll want to start by looking at professional newsletters geared toward technology and business. You might consider sponsoring newsletters like Morning Brew or Entrepreneur.

The more niche the audience is, the more valuable it is. Here are just a few examples of audiences you can target with email sponsorship:

· Executives and business decision-makers

· Startup and tech professionals

· Young entrepreneurs

· E-Commerce industry leaders

· Homeowners

· Families with young children

2. High click-through rates (CTRs)

The native ad format performs better for content creators because it matches the look and feel of their newsletters and resonates more with audiences. The average click-through rate for native advertising is 8.8 times higher than display ads, according to AppNexus and eMarketer.

When advertisers take the time to match the look and feel of the newsletter and offer value to the readers, newsletter audiences are highly likely to engage.

Screenshot of a programmatic native email ad from in the eWebDesign Newsletter

3. Privacy law compliance

Email sponsorship is a unique marketing channel due to its respect for personally identifiable information (PII). Compared to other types of digital ads, newsletter sponsorships are much less intrusive.

Most newsletter ads don’t rely on third-party cookies or data tracking, and they’re compliant with international consumer privacy and data protection laws like the GDPR.

4. Immunity to adblockers

Most consumers see thousands of ads per day, so its’s no surprise that a lot of people tune them out or block them altogether. Newsletter sponsorships, however, aren’t negatively impacted by adblockers.

Newsletter sponsorships are the savvy marketer’s secret to tailored messages to specific audiences without violating data privacy or coming across as “too targeted.” This strategy will increasingly come in handy as advertisers shift away from third-party cookies.

5. Better relevance and credibility

According to marketing expert Scott Clary, email sponsorship is the best way to get your product in front of a large audience and have immediate brand loyalty and trust.

Email sponsorships are a great way to promote your brand while gaining goodwill through association. For instance, promoting your product in a world-class publication like Fast Company can increase brand awareness and positive sentiment about your company.

Plus, in an email sponsorship, you’re not competing for the reader’s attention. You get a full ad placement and the full attention of a newsletter’s entire audience.

6. Ease of use

If you’ve ever tried ads on other platforms like Facebook, you’re probably familiar with un-intuitive ad design interfaces and confusing ad pricing. Luckily, email sponsorship is a lot more user-friendly than other types of digital advertising.

Email sponsorship platforms like Paved make it easy to manage publisher relationships, book multiple ads, and measure relevant campaign metrics — all in one place.

How to try email sponsorship for yourself

Although email isn’t new technology, it’s bigger than ever before. According to a McKinsey analysis, the average professional reads emails for at least two hours per day.

Chances are, your target customer is spending a lot of time in their inbox. Email advertising is the key to reaching them.

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