The Best Newsletters for Women

The Best Newsletters for Women
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This list highlights the most engaging newsletters to help you connect with a community of like-minded women.

Scroll to check out 10 of the web’s best email newsletters—for women, by women—in a variety of topics from tech to pop culture. To become a sponsor, you can request a partnership directly from the Paved marketplace.

Top 10 newsletters for women

1. The Gist

Hundreds of thousands of subscribers

Sports shouldn’t be just a “guy thing.” GIST is a female-founded media brand that’s leveling the playing field in sports. Through newsletters, social media, and podcasts, they provide a witty and fun perspective on sports.

The Audience:

· 80% American, 20% Canadian

· 85% Female

· 65% between 18-34

· 70% are business professionals with 35% at the managerial level or above

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2. Motherly

Over 100,000 subscribers

Motherly is a must-read weekly publication about motherhood. Its website and newsletter both cover a variety of topics related to pregnancy, parenting, and life as a new mother. The audience is primarily made up of millennial women who are planning to be or are currently mothers.

The Audience:

· 99% female

· Majority based in the US

· 77% between the ages of 18-44

· 81% earn $50k+ per year, 40% earn $100k+ per year

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3. Oxygen

Tens of thousands of subscribers

The Oxygen newsletter caters specifically to the needs of women who wish to better themselves through a progressive lifestyle of wellness, nutrition, food, fitness, and self-care. Oxygen is designed to inform, educate and inspire women of all ages about the joys and benefits of fitness, proper nutrition, health and resistance training.

The Audience:

· 99% Female

· 45 y/o Average Age

· $122K Average Household Income

· 91% College Graduates

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4. Black Southern Belle

Tens of thousands of subscribers

Black Southern Belle (BSB) is the leading source for Black women, BIPOC-owned brands, and local independent businesses in the South. Founded by Michiel Perry in 2015, the digital lifestyle newsletter expresses her passion for all things "Southern Bred and Soul Infused."

The Audience:

· Women ages 25-65 who are interested in home decor, food, family, traditions, and travel.

· Wives, mothers, entrepreneurs, caretakers, chefs, interior designers

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5. Good Good Good

Tens of thousands of subscribers

The team at Good Good Good spends each week sourcing all of the best positive stories from around the world — especially on weeks when it feels like nothing is going right. Then, every Tuesday, they round up the week’s best good news and send it out in an email called the Goodnewsletter.

The Audience:

· 86% female

· Majority based in the US

· Majority between the ages of 25-34

· University educated

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6. Boss Betty

Tens of thousands of subscribers

Boss Betty covers the work world for an audience of female professionals. Its weekly newsletter is a roundup of contributions from the world’s most powerful women. The newsletter also explores the barriers to workplace gender equality through a mix of original reporting and curated news stories.

The Audience:

· 98% female

· Executive- and director-level women at U.S.-based companies across a range of industries

· Majority based in the US

· 78% between the ages of 25-54

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7. PS She Writes

Tens of thousands of subscribers

PS She Writes is a monthly newsletter that highlights women whose ideas deserve wider attention. It’s a great resource for anyone seeking to discover new and noteworthy ideas – and the women who have them.

The Audience:

· Primarily made up of young professionals, business leaders, and educators.

· Geographically, the majority of our readers are from Europe, North America, and Asia.

· The average subscriber earns $150k+ income, is a company manager, 24-60 years old, and holds a master’s degree.

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8. Gathered

Thousands of subscribers

Launched in December 2019, Gathered is a website dedicated to arts and crafts. Its website and newsletter deliver bite-sized tutorials, advice, and inspiration from the best makers and creators in the business.

The Audience:

· Predominantly women

· Ages 35-55

· Employed homeowners with children and/or grandchildren

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9. Femstreet

Thousands of subscribers

Femstreet is a newsletter for career-minded women in tech. It covers a variety of topics, including crypto, startups, and entrepreneurship. In addition to its free weekly newsletter, it also offers a paid plan that includes access to a Slack network, an additional briefing, and bi-weekly networking sessions.

The Audience:

· 85% female

· Majority based in the US

· 79% between the ages of 24-44

· 70% earn $100k+ per year, 38% earn $200k+ per year

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10. Surge Women

Thousands of subscribers

The Surge Women weekly newsletter breaks down complex crypto investment topics in a beginner-friendly way. It’s a go-to resource for newcomers to the digital currency industry.

The Audience:

· 80% female

· Highly engaged audience—average of 50% open rates

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