Newsletter sponsorship marketplace

Newsletter sponsorship marketplace
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Why should I join a newsletter sponsorship marketplace?

If you have an active email audience, there’s no better time to brainstorm ideas for monetizing your newsletter.

Although paid subscriptions have risen in popularity, many publishers earn recurring revenue with newsletter sponsorships. Newsletter sponsorship is a monetization strategy in which a creator sells space in their newsletter to advertisers interested in promoting their brand to a publication's audience.

For example, newsletters like Morning Brew use email sponsorship to earn money while keeping their newsletters free. This way, they can earn money from advertisers without having to ask subscribers for money.

The best way to get started with email sponsorship is by joining a marketplace. In this guide, we’ll explore how an email sponsorship marketplace works.

How does email sponsorship work?

Much like social media ads, email sponsorships help advertisers get in front of an engaged audience of newsletter readers. Many companies are willing to pay thousands of dollars to get featured in popular publications like Fast Company, Morning Brew, or The Daily Upside

An issue of the Remote Tea newsletter, sponsored by DoorDash

Sponsorships are many newsletters’ primary source of income. Newsletters with huge subscriber numbers (think in the millions) all sell sponsorships for tens of thousands of dollars.

No matter the size of your email list, you can start earning from sponsorships, too.

How can I get email sponsorships for my newsletter?

When it comes to newsletter monetization, one of the biggest hurdles for publishers is finding the right sponsors in the first place. That’s where a newsletter sponsorship marketplace can help.

To find premium sponsors fast, you should join a newsletter sponsorship marketplace like Paved. A sponsorship marketplace is an online platform that connects advertisers with newsletter publishers who are interested in selling ad space in their newsletters.

In a content marketplace, advertisers can browse through a variety of niches and interest groups to find newsletters that fit their target audience. Then, they can buy ad space in the newsletter and work with the publisher to create and distribute the sponsored content.

Should I join a newsletter sponsorship marketplace?

Absolutely! The more engaged subscribers you have, the better your chances of snagging great sponsorships. Advertisers also take these factors into account:

· Subscriber count

· Good open and click-through rates (CTRs)

· Pristine list quality

· Audience demographics and interests

· Ease of purchasing a sponsorship

If your metrics in these areas are looking good, your publication is a great candidate for sponsorships.

How do I join a newsletter marketplace? To join the Paved Marketplace, all you need to do is create a free account, build a Paved profile for your newsletter, and let the sponsors come to you.

A publisher's profile in the Paved Marketplace

Pro tip: If you want to know how to price your sponsorships perfectly, check out this free calculator.

What happens when I get a sponsorship offer?

After you build a Paved profile for your publication, you’re ready to get discovered by sponsors.

Getting your first sponsor is a big step in any newsletter’s journey. Then, transforming the ad creative into an eye-catching placement is key to maximizing performance and attracting repeat sponsorships. For a full breakdown on building a great sponsored ad, read How to Design a Sponsorship Placement to Maximize Revenue.

Final Thoughts

Ready to jumpstart your newsletter advertising strategy? With Paved, you can create a profile to draw advertisers to you and get paid with every send. Sign up for Paved today to see how easy email advertising can be