10 Must-Read Startup Newsletters for Founders and Entrepreneurs

10 Must-Read Startup Newsletters for Founders and Entrepreneurs
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From fundraising to profitability, the road to success can be challenging for startups. That’s why email newsletters are a valuable tool for founders and entrepreneurs to build community and learn from new mentors.

In this post, we’ll explore 10 of the best newsletters for the startup community.

10 Best Startup Newsletters

1. Flipboard Tech Briefing

Millions of subscribers

Flipboard Tech Briefing is a daily newsletter roundup of the most important stories in tech. Readers are passionate tech enthusiasts who are curious about innovations, products, and developments in technology. The email includes a mix of hand curation by a Tech Editor and algorithmic news curation by the Flipboard app.

The Audience:

· Gender: 57% Male | 43% Female

· Age: 18-35 18% | 36-45 21% | 46-55 23% | 56+ 39%

· HHI: 100K+ 42% | $150K+ 24% | $200K+ 15%

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2. Tech Daily by Bloomberg

Hundreds of thousands of subscribers

Tech Daily is a must-read news digest from Bloomberg that provides technology and updates from Silicon Valley to Wall Street and beyond. This popular newsletter focuses on current events in startups and tech companies, attracting an affluent professional audience.

The Audience:

· 69% Male – 31% Female

· Average Age: 44

· Household income averages $193K

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3. Short Squeez

Hundreds of thousands of subscribers

Short Squeez is a weekday email newsletter that delivers business and tech news, stock picks, curated articles, and recommendations– all with a humorous twist and a sprinkling of memes. Its affluent subscriber base comprises of the next generation of business leaders who rely on Short Squeez for insights, entertainment, and helpful product recommendations.

The Audience:

· Short Squeez’s audience fits the following career profiles:

o Investment bankers

o Private equity/hedge fund professionals

o Institutional investors

o Startup founders

o Venture capitalists

o Consultants

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4. Trends.vc

Tens of thousands of subscribers

In his flagship newsletter, Trends.vc, Dru Riley combs the web for the best startup news and market research. Each newsletter covers a no-fluff summary of the latest research and case studies in the industry. Popular topics include no-code, micro-SaaS, venture capital, paid newsletter subscriptions, agencies, and online courses.

The Audience:

· Investors and founders of internet companies

· This includes agency owners, SaaS founders, consultants, recruiters and more

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5. Future of Money Essentials

Tens of thousands of subscribers

Future of Money Essentials News covers the latest technological updates in banking and money. From fintech to crypto, this newsletter shares in-depth news from experts to shed light on the world’s changing financial landscape.

The Audience:

· Management levels: 16% C-Level | 6% VP-Level | 34% Director | 14% Manager

· Top Job Functions:25% Information Technology | 15% Sales | 14% C-Suite | 11% Operations | 7% Marketing | 6% Finance

· Top Industries: 21% Business Services | 17% Education | 12% Finance | 10% Software | 6% Manufacturing

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6. Open Scout

Tens of thousands of subscribers

Founded in 2022, Open Scout is a weekly newsletter dedicated to helping both investors and entrepreneurs. Every week, the team curates the best startups in the world, from young early-stage companies to those who are in first-round review.

The Audience:

· Readers include investors at Accel, Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia Capital & more

· Mostly individuals in key decision-making roles—from managers and execs at large companies to founders of startups, to investors working in the ecosystem

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7. The Growth Newsletter

Tens of thousands of subscribers

Every week, the team at Demand Curve writes The Growth Newsletter to break down the strategies fast-growing startups use to grow. Over the past few years, the newsletter has gained the trust of tens of thousands of marketers and founders through its dedication to high-quality content.

The Audience:

· Made up of mostly founders/executives and marketing professionals

· Primarily in the startup and tech industries

· Over 70% is from North America, particularly in the United States

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8. Failory

Tens of thousands of subscribers

Failory (short for “failure” + “story”) is a popular newsletter for startup founders who want to learn from the mistakes of others. Each weekly email features entrepreneurship topics, interviews with failed and successful startup founders, and insightful articles.

The Audience:

· Readers are founders, C level, and other thought leaders and decision-makers in the startup and entrepreneurial industry, as well as people looking to start their own businesses

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9. Femstreet

Tens of thousands of subscribers

Femstreet is a newsletter for career-minded women in tech. It covers a variety of topics, including crypto, startups, and entrepreneurship. Besides its free weekly newsletter, it also offers a paid plan that includes access to a private Slack network, an additional weekly briefing and bi-weekly video networking sessions.

The Audience:

· 85% female

· Majority based in the US

· 79% between the ages of 24-44

· 70% earn $100k+ per year, 38% earn $200k+ per year

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10. Hacker News Digest

Thousands of subscribers

Hacker News Digest delivers the top 10 stories from news.ycombinator.com daily to thousands of inboxes. Hacker News Digest audience are mostly developers, tech startup entrepreneurs, and hackers. They're all very technical, entrepreneurial, or both.

The Audience:

· 37% from the US

· 30% from Europe

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